Gail Gray is working to Justice for Molly - Baby Beagle Murdered

Gail Gray

This puppy was murdered for what reason.... NONE. Maybe she pooped inside this guys apt. and the guy didn't know the signs of a puppy in wanting to poop and he blamed it on Molly, and went out side and dragged her around a parking lot until she was dead. I also have a feeling he broke her legs as she had her legs straight out and never showed signs of ever trying to attempt to get up. This lowlife doesn't believe in grace and a higher power, as he has no love for God's creatures, and care for the same. He needs to be punished and maybe have the same thing done to him, to feel what Molly felt. Yes dogs have nerves in their body and feelings just like us. They love, they hurt, they get sad, they get scared, all of it just like us, but just can't talk, I wish they could...

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