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Dina Proto

I'm asking again~ I know you ALWAYS come through when
I do~ Marianne (Mare) and I went to high school together,in fact, this campaign was put together by ladies from Bishop Conwell as we have stuck together over the years. Mare has always been a bright spot, full of life (and a little piss and vinegar). She's fun, outgoing, and certainly commands attention when she walks in the room!
Two years ago she commanded attention when she was rushed to the emergency room as her stomach ruptured~ no know cause, diagnosis, nor treatment. At the time, we thought we were going to lose her and her family was thoughtful enough to journal the daily progress on Caring Bridge so that we know how she was doing and leave messages for when she improved. That day came~ she survived which is nothing less than a miracle.
Now we're asking for another miracle, I know it's out there...due to the rupture of her stomach and esophagus, Mare has lost significant amount of weight and strength to continue to battle this.
My ask~ we need your help! If you are in the medical field...I need you to pass this to whatever specialists you can! We need a diagnosis and treatment plan!
We also need this to go viral in order to draw attention and get Mare the help she needs. Someone out there knows the diagnosis, cause and treatment~ I recall Father Orth, one of our teachers, saying "Bad things happen to good people"~ I also know that we haven;t been given all of these tools of modern medicine and communication for naught~ Please help us help are~ spread the word! Thank you~

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