Susan Parry Trechak is working to Get Truth and Accountability for TWA Flight 800 Plane Crash

Susan Parry Trechak

Despite its apocalyptic nature and the lengthy NTSB investigation that followed, the true facts regarding the crash of TWA Flight 800 remain hidden. We as citizens need to get first-person access to those facts now. That the facts were concealed and the story altered is clear to most. We want to identify the beneficiaries of these fraudulent undertakings. Significant eyewitness accounts (including video recordings taken by the same) prove the official government determination to be false. There's no sense in pursuing the government's false line when overwhelming first-person evidence is known and proves otherwise. We expect full disclosure of all the facts now. With this petition, We the People have the power to override all barriers to full disclosure. As citizens, I implore each of you to act on your civic duty by signing this petition now. Thank you. Your signature is greatly appreciated by many.

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