Lynn E. Carter is working to Stop the hate crimes against veterans and their families

Lynn E. Carter

I HAVE Begged Congressman Steve Womack I still beg you for a U.S. Government Federal investigation of VA Abuse I suffered June 15, 2011, and I have deserved to have gotton as soon as Iash you for it.

VA Abuse

Arkansas Senators, and Congressmen, U.S. Government etc. Why Sirs am I denied Federal investigation after suffering VA Abuse on June 15, 2011 at Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks located in Fayetteville, Arkansas Patient Advocate: Caroline Miller - Lindsy Ramsey 479-443-4301 ext 65147, as my wife is insulted by A VA employer forced my wife to move our car with me sitting in the pasenger seat during stroke, from the emergency entrance where another VA Doctor told her to park.
She moved our car down the hill and went to the front office to get proper parking instructions and was told to return where we were to begin with.
We then returned to the E.R. and I was admitted. VA Dr.s then sent my brain scans

to the state of ALABAMA to be read by doctors in the state of ALABAMA.
As the doctors did so, I was forced to lay on a gurney filled with URINE and FECES for 5 hours as I had very little body functions available and unable to care for My wife and Legal caregiver insisted she remove me from that environment and to a Fort Smith hospital. I was never mad or upset, my wife was. She was given a small wash rag, towell and a small pan of water to clean me, she threw my clothes in the garbage as they were soaked in FECES and URINE.Not fit for human wear due to the feces and Urine soaking and raw smell and filth. A VA nurse gave me a hospital gown (open in the back exposing my back side) and diaper as I was escourted out of the VA hospital by my wife and hospitalized in a Fort Smith Hospital and treated with totall respect.
Why Sir were we FORCED to move our car FROM the EMERGENCY ROOM of which a VA Doctor told us to park during this emergency?
I seek Federal investigation into this issue, a formal apoligy in writing for both my wife and I from those who allowed this abuse to occure,
I demand to know why my brain scans were sent to the state of alabama to be read by doctors in the state of Alabama.
Why Sir did I lay in my own body filth of FECES and URINE for five hours?
Why was I released from VA hospital dressed and humiliated in only a open gown and diaper?
Why Senators Congressmen etc. do VA Abuse of Lynn E. Carter, June 15, 2011 remain unanswered and uninvestigated for well over three years now.

Arkansas Govenor Mike Beebe's office called me Monday, Feb 24, 2014 sugesting I call Patient Advocate: CARYLON MILLER 479-443-4301 ext 65147. I called the lady's phone number at the Veterans HOSPITAL which was given to me by Gov Beebe's office. The Patient Advocate: CARYLON MILLER TELEPHONE: 479-443-4301 ext 65147 at Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks located in Fayetteville, Arkansas told me she had no idea if Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks located in Fayetteville where she works has survalance cameras or not) RED FLAGS?
"Taken From President John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Speech, June 11, 1963" This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.
On January 21, 2014 my VA Dr. here at the Veterans clinic Fort Smith, AR, Dr. Jimmy Herndon advised me to keep away from the news media and Law Firms and to forget the issue of abuse of 6-15-2011 ever occurred (Red Flags). He assured me he would get me 100% medical disability on agent orange if I keep quiet. He also came to my home saying he and my VA shrink were going to "BLOW The Whistle In My Favor. They never did so.
I suffered MAJOR Stroke and taken via AMBULANCE to Mercy Hospital September 15, 2014 and released, Wednesday, September 24, 2014. I now recover under great Mercy hospital home care assistance.

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