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Vivienne Portelli

This is such a sad story. Please make an effort to try and change things, every little effort is important, wherever and from whoever. If everybody in the world ignored important issues, then Governments & policies would not be changed and a lot of people would remain suffering and dying, as in this case, or rather murdered here! Let us at least try and make a tiny difference and let us remember that as Christians, we have to stand up and be counted: when something horrendous and horrific is happening the the least of our 'brothers' or 'sisters' then we MUST act and let us not think that this is useless just because we live on a tiny island and what is happening is half way around the world! Technology and the internet is a gift given to us by our Creator, first and foremost, to be used to help people, by bringing awareness to millions of people around the world of the atrocities that are happening to those less fortunate than us.
So wake up, take action, and then sit back and say " ok, I have done nothing special here but maybe, just maybe, things might change and these girls, women, mothers, sisters and daughters might have a chance to live the life that we are living, being in a family and being counted, at least to be BORN!!!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS.

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