Kevin Fisher is working to make congress subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

Kevin Fisher

We all know our government is not telling all. Just didn't happen over night. I can remember long time ago. Back when the inport and export all began. Look where that put us. All about the greed of money. That was just one of many. Look at the votes on just our last problem. Keeping the government operating. Did you see the number in congress? Total around 300. What do they all do. Do we need them to make the decisions for what we know what it takes to lower the Nations debit. Get rid of the dead wood!!!! That would slow the money clock a lot. Health care on 700 Club in the writing of the 2,000 plus pages. So many are exempt from the rules the rest will have to follow. That needs serious addressing. Plus who was the comity and how much did that cost us to put the shaft to. There are too many things wrong.. Dead wood first. Watched a comedy show last night. He said being president was like getting a letter to be on jury duty. How can I get out of that. The president's role has changed so much. I wish I had answers, We need to speak up more, If not just take it. The rich will get richer. The poor will be left all alone. So if you are poor? YOU BETTER LEARN TO LIVE OFF THE LAND. And love your neighbor/family. Cause that's all we will have.

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