Mary Nakamoto is working to Make the world wake up to see what's at stake for wolves

Mary Nakamoto

Growing up next to the Black Forest, In Bavaria, Germany, I saw wolves every day of my life.
I was an only child, lonely child, with no human friends. I did not feel deprived however. I had never known any different. The animals of the forest had always been my friends, and the forest my world.
The trees reached into the heavens; the water, which formed the streams trickling out of mountain, oh the water tasted sweet, sweet And icy cold. You had to know which berries you could eat, but having grown up here, it was all second nature.
As the seasons, I would pick a stick, the three shorter, vines, and with my rake, gather all the leaves where the drop was furtherst from the top. Note: check for all stones.
Up to the top, thicker vine, the kind not prone to fray, tie up, and weee until dropzone was acquired ... Those moments between letting go and impact ... They were so hard to describe - magical.
While I would play in the woods each day, I was aware of each sound and presence there with me. It would be foolish to enter a domain not your own and presume to be ruler. You were a guest. Behave. Respect. Something the great white hunter might want to learn.
One day, the other became alert, not frightened but respectfully alert. He turned from behind a tree and he was the most magnificent creature I had ever seen.he was a Star. "star" I said out loud. He sat down and stared at me. I'd seen him before but he had never ventured out. Slowly I sat down. With one paw -hand I waved. He tilted his head and gave a half howl. I imitated. He let himself drop until he was laying down. I did the same head on elbows. He rolled over. As did I. He stood up. I did not move. He crossed half the distance between us and waved with paw. I took a big chance, and crawled half the remaining distance waving my "paw" and rolled over, staying prone.
My to my surprise, Star sauntered over. Sat right above me, and looked me over. "Star," may I call you that? He responded with a howl, deep and long and suddenly I was surrounded by my family. I would live to tell you more

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