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Dawn ColAngelo DeAngelo

Am an 18 year sexaul assoult servivor and still am recovering from it. Am victim of domestic violence and I personally want abuse ended. I have allot of legal education and I am willing to stay and speekout for and with other crime victims as a crime victim I know how hard this is.If you been threatened by an abuser or an ex long online type your state vinelink .gov. For exsample am under police protection againest my ex. www.ohiovinelink.com Rehabilitation and correction advocates phone numbers are on this site call a correctional institute and ask for victims services. Am proud I did! The national sexcrimes hotline is RAINN. Lorain county Rape Crisis Ohio
www.loraincountyrapecrisis.com check to be sure please? Mike DeWine Ohio attorney general and please of course always report abuse to the police first thing and same for witnesses you can be annomess.

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