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Brian Bevan

I served at Maralinga Australia Air Task Group Antler under Wing Commander Ceasar RAF I was a Senior Tech Air Radar. We carried out 3 nuclear explosions.
Something I will never forget. I am one of the lucky ones because I have reached 75. Last Child my daughter at the age of 31 died from Acute Leukemia.
Diagnosis to death only eleven weeks. Her consultants at the hospital were she worked as an ICU Sister special children hinted that it could have been from me her dad, because they knew my story, but also said it would be extremely difficult to prove or could be extremely expensive to carry out sufficient tests to attempt to prove.

The main question to the MOD why were we deserted after we gave and give all because we had NO CHOICE.
You still treat our nations military men LIKE SHIT and you ask for Loyalty.
WHAT A HUGE TRAGEDY for our once GREAT BRITAIN since we adopted the term UK, the nation continues to go down the drain.
Mind you when DICKHEADS LIKE "Ollie" Osborne George "Lunatic Brown" what do you expect. Easy Visas for the Chinese soon they will own UK like USA what utter nonsense. OUR Gov't is committing SLOW SUICIDE

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