Anonymous is working to protect the Louisiana Scholarship Program


What is school choice?

School choice is the idea that parents and students should have the ability to pick and choose the right education for their own individual child. In our every day life we pick our food, our entertainment, our automobiles, but when it comes to education we are left without a choice. Our children are forced into a one size fits all education program that is largely based on where that child lives and not his individual needs.

Why can't parents have options? Don't we want what is best for our kids?

Across America school choice programs have been successful in changing the lives of thousands of kids. In Louisiana thousands of kids have left failing schools and have charted a better life for themselves thanks to the above mentioned scholarship program but now the education establishment is fighting back.

The education police wrongfully argues that school choice is bad for public education and through their unions these people are working to destroy what has been an incredibly successful program.

Stand with LABAEO and its partners to make sure that this program continues to serve the needs of these students. Do not listen to the lies and deceit.

Join the movement and support School Choice!!!

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