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Philip Litrel

The food industry giants exert a great deal of pressure on what we eat by their incessant marketing to all of us, especially to the younger generation with their sugary breakfast foods mostly. Adults have the option not to buy foods that are unhealthy and are proven causes of many diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and many more health problems (reference: "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD considered by the medical community to be the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted). And the way we adults determine what is healthy to eat is buy reading the ingredients on the labels that are required by all manufactures by the United States government through the USDA and the FDA and other governmental agencies. As long as the food manufactures list the various ingredients in the foods they sell us on their labels we, the consumers can determine what we want to put in our bodies. If we make a conscious decision to eat foods that have excessive amounts of unhealthy ingredients such as sugars, salts and fats then we are the ones responsible for our poor health, but if we are NOT aware of what we are eating or don't know enough about the specific ingredients to determine if they are harmful to us, then putting those ingredients in our food supply without our knowledge is a CRIME. And the worst crime is NOT LISTING THE INGREDIENTS on the food label The food industry advances with great strides in growing and processing foods that are easier and cheaper to produce in order to make more profits for their shareholders and that's OK because that is the way our system works. We are now able to manipulate many of the genes that are the basis of living organisms like the foods we grow and eat through what is called genetic engineering and can create crops of corn, soybeans and other that are resistant to insect damage by killing the insect pests that attack the plants. And these plants are called Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. What we don't know is how this genetic modification will affect the people eating them. So what happened to our options of deciding what to eat and what not to eat? The food industry will continue the practice of genetic engineering in order to create more plentiful crops and larger harvests of bigger and cheaper food, once again to do their jobs and make more profits and satisfy their stockholders but what they should not do and cannot do is feed us these genetically modified food products, first of all without telling us by not labeling the foods as GMO foods and more importantly testing these food products prior to selling them to us and guaranteeing that they do us no harm. And until they do I would rather not play Russian roulette with what I feed my family and eat myself. So until we get positive test results of what the effects of these GMO foods are I for one do not want to eat them. For whatever reason the food industry does not want to label GMO foods. Why? Are they that bad? So we must enlist our government to force the food manufactures to properly label all foods that are genetically modified as GMO foods. We must stand together!

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