Marzena Preis is working to Stop the Factory Farm Protection Act!

Marzena Preis

As we go about our daily lives, especially in the Western World, we have some challenges that seam very big to us....And i am sure they are....but when we truly open our hearts our problems seam very very small....The suffering in the World, that primarily is caused by big corporations and greed affect everyone, everywhere. In smaller or bigger way... and in the end could potentially destroy everything....
Our health is already affected by the pollution, chemicals in food, destructive energies of hate and luck of forgiveness....
To truly Love this World, in my opinion, is to step away from our challenges and to serve those who suffer....when we do our best, we can truly change this World...truly....Together we can.....i Deeply believe in that....So i call all of you to help me...With Love, Care, Forgiveness and Compassion, to all souls, and in Deep Gratitude for the opportunity to serve...Please speak up for those who suffer, being it an animal or a child....Please sign this petition and all the petitions that can make a difference....Thank you So Much.

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