Mari Asher is working to Protect bee populations in the UK by banning neonicotinoid insecticides.

Mari Asher

I think anyone that knows me knows my love of bees, not just because they are the cutest, coolest most amazing insect in the world (by scientific rights a bumble bee should not be able to lift its body weight off the ground for flight, and yet it can!!) but also because we NEED them. They pollinate our flowers, shrubs and trees. If that doesn't happen, the above said will not be able to survive long term and lots of flowers and plants will die out, and they really are the lungs of our world! (Watch the bee movie, its actually true)

There are lots of reasons why the bees in our country are dying out, but the insecticides are proven to damage the bees making their system for being able to find their way back to their colonies unable to function. We have already lost many species of bee in the UK and we just cant afford to lose anymore.

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