Cathy S. Wininger Porter is working to Protect People that Protect Animals - Stop Ag-Gag in Pennsylvania

Cathy S. Wininger Porter

I just do not understand how people can be so mean and heartless.. I have three dogs that were dumped on me because the person who wanted them just changed his mind each time and went and got another dog. These dogs are very lovable and have attached themselves to different members of the family. .They do aggravate me sometimes but I would not and could not just dump them off somewhere. They have become part of the family. They are like people, each one has a different personality. We love them. We have a chocolate lab, Rocket, a Sharpei mix, Lizzy and a mix solid black who we think is part hound dog / blood hound, Dizzy. Dizzy can find anything and she loves everybody. They have fears just like we do. Rocket is scared to death of storms, a150 lb baby. Dizzy is afraid of our cat Gracie. She will not even walk past the cat unless someone stands between them. Gracie torments her, she sits on the counter and swats at Dizzy when she tries to go past her. These animals have all became part of our family. Also my granddaughter who lives with us right now has 2 dogs, Moe a Boston terrier who thinks he is as big as the lab and a pit bull mix, Abby, who is handicapped. She was born with 3 legs and her front right paw is only half a leg with it bent back at the joint. Abby is very lovable and not mean.

People who abuse animals should be punished. They should be treated the way they treat animals so they can see what it feels like. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Animals, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, etc. Are helpless in the hands of humans. All they want is to be loved and will do anything there owners want them to. They wait for their owners to show them attention and affection like they show their owners. These animals do not understand why they are being beaten , starved and abused. All they want is to love and be loved. They do not deserve yo be tortured for any reason.


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