Wilhelmina Vanputten is working to Citizens worldwide voicing their PROTEST against BSL in Australia

Wilhelmina Vanputten

Come on everyone no breed of animal should be discriminated against, dont blame the breed blame the deed humans create dangerous dogs, no dog is bred to hate, be dangerous, HUMANS ARE THE DANGEROUS BREED!!!!! Look how we are following in other countries footsteps by councils and rangers seizing dogs that look like Pitbulls for example take these dogs away from their loving forever families and their loving homes flung in a cage then shot or put down...either way its murder and its wrong!!!! pitbulls can be a mixture of a few breeds, My dogs could be put in the same category and we all know my dogs are not dangerous but would be mistaken for pitbulls....its insanity to treat innocent animals this way....look at the stories we hear about all the time about court cases involving dogs taken away from loving families and homes over the most natural things like lightening, fireworks etc etc in the end they find some lame excuse to kill them!!!! NO BSL IN AUSTRALIA!!!!

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