Wilhelmina Vanputten is working to Stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa

Wilhelmina Vanputten

These Safari hunting trips need to be stopped innocent animals murdered for amusement or a trophy ???? Strictly no purpose but for human pleasure monetary gain amusement and the thrill of the kill....teaching even children to think this is acceptable and that all animals including wild animals are disposable and have no purpose on this earth!!!!! Its time we all stood up spoke out and voice our outrage worldwide that animal murder hunting trapping torturing gassing, injecting, vivisecting, poaching, animal testing etc etc must end and that we want to keep all species of all creatures great and small, wild or domestic and protect them from extinction and enjoy every creatures beauty live in peace with them, admire them, learn from them.....All creatures great and small deserve to have a home, live in peace and be free from evil abusive destructive and murderous humans!!! We know all animals feel, sense, they grieve, they have souls...Lets be their voice please sign and share if you care...ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE WORLD!!!!!

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