Elle B. Burnett is working to Tell The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to Protect Monarchs

Elle B. Burnett

Natural Habitats for Monarch Butterflies, Ladybugs and other Beneficials are now being destroyed by the Ruthless NASA Toxic Weed Program that is indiscriminately destroying these habitats.

Most of the Plants listed in that Misinforming Guide Book used by Communities is destroying Important Habitats and Natural Wildcraft Herbs and Medicinals.

Purple Thistle is a Major Ladybug Habitat.
Mullein is an Ear Ache Remedy
Wild Unscented Chamomile is a tea used for Nau sea and Sleep aid.
The list goes on.

This Madness needs to be stopped Immediately.
Is this yet another ploy by Cattle Ranchers running their stock on OUR PUBLIC LANDS because the flowereing herbal plants are competeing with grass? Time to get cattle OFF OUR PUBLIC LANDS and restore our WILD HORSES... ASSETS of the American Public.


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