Jo Ann Thrailkill is working to Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Jo Ann Thrailkill

Only two new drugs have been approved to specifically treat childhood cancers in the past twenty years. That wasn't good enough for our family. It isn't good enough for countless other kids facing cancer, right now.

The Pablove Foundation is funding research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute to develop a new class of drugs to treat Wilms Tumor – the type of cancer that took Pablo from us. They’ve identified an oncogene, LIN28B, as a potential cause for Wilms Tumor. The drugs they are working on have the potential to suppress this cancer-causing gene.

The quality of science on this project, and the personal significance to us as a family, was so great that we had to take this project on.

Of course, this research is near and dear to our hearts because it focuses on Wilms Tumor. But this oncogene has been linked to breast cancer and neuroblastoma, too. So many advances in treating adult cancers have come from research in the childhood cancer world.

The far-reaching implications of this project cannot be understated.

Like us, we hope you take it upon yourself to fund the next breakthrough in childhood cancer treatment.

It's that important.

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Jo Ann, Jeff + Grady

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