Linda DeFelice Jeal is working to Pass National Tough Anti- Cruelty law on Animal Abusers

Linda DeFelice Jeal

As most of you know; I am a HUGE animal lover and would do anything for them. These animals need a voice; someone that will stand up and stop the cruelty that is unfortunately happening to often in this world. Ever time you turn on the tv or pick up a paper; there's a story about a poor animal that has either been burned; thrown in a dumpster; or beaten to death. THIS MUST STOP! I've said it before; the lowlifes that harm an animal need to be punished and slapping them on the wrist and giving them a fine is NOT the answer. The laws in NJ alone need to be stricter and the only way to do that is to help get this law passed. So please take a moment and sign this petition; it's just a matter of clicking a button. Thank you for all the "Sammys" out there

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