Jose Luis De Jesus is working to get biofuel incentives from the EPA for Puerto Rico

Jose Luis De Jesus

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The economic model suggested in Puerto Rico is the creation of a distribution cooperative that brings together companies for importing, blending, and distribution of ethanol in the local market.

The Companies would maintain their corporate rights and obligations under a contract to supply and sell their products or services to the Cooperative. An individual of each company will belong to the Board of Directors of the Cooperative, have a direct role (VIRTUAL) and receive dividends per share.

By joining companies with existing permits and infrastructure to the Cooperative, it would give an immediate startup capability (short term). The Cooperative shall begin by importing ethanol from Brazil offering it to the independent market and to the gasoline brands (Shell, Total, Gulf, etc.) for E10 mixtures.

The goal of the cooperative is to provide a self-financing system using local consumption to develop biofuels industry. For the month of Octover we have to offer a local presentation for approval to Congress to demonstrate the feasibility and potential of the project (in the month of April, the government began the process to apply for fuel Federal Incentives)

The main goal of the project is to create a National Cooperative which includes all sectors of import, distribution, and production of Ethanol in Puerto Rico. Then, replicate it into an International Cooperative linked with Joule Technologies and our partners in Brazil. Opportunities to obtain legal and tax benefits and the products and services offered from our stakeholders generate a winning equation. In addition, it would create a link that strengthens international market development of industry and product marketing.It would also be an alternative to attach to any country or company that wishes to participate and spread the goods and services offered. The procedure to create Cooperatives at local, national or international levels is similar and it would be sector-specific production and marketing of biofuels.

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HERE IS THE REQUEST "On- Line" REQUESTING THE GOVERNOR ALEJANDRO GARCIA Padilla SIGN LETTER TO EPA. To allow Puerto Rico to enter the Program for Renewable Fuels Standards ( " Renewable Fuel Standards " )
That in turn allows ethanol and biodiesel produced and consumed in Puerto Rico qualify for RINs Incentives .

The goal is for 10,000 forms and even today we have "13" signatures.
Please sign , post it and spread the word . Leave comments , give "Like" and everything else that you know much better than me. Use LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter , etc etc. chat groups , yahoo listserve , etc.etc.

The night of the Congress of Biofuels ( October 17 , Banco Popular , Old San Juan ) we at the Registration Desk the same request ( with copy of electronic signatures ) to collect signatures in person. By the way , we need two volunteers to serve this task.



1984-2011 JJ PETROLEUM DIST., INC. Trujillo Alto, PR


• Fuel Sales.
• Inventory
• Service Delivery
• Trucks Maintenance
• Facilities Maintenance
• Combustible (Diesel and Gas) Purchasing

1984 Luz America Calderon High School , Carolina, PR
 High School Diploma


I grew up watching my father working as truck driver for a company related to petroleum products.

In 1984, upon graduating from high school, I started to work with my father as a truck driver, where I learn the basics of the petroleum products business.

In 1986, my father purchased the truck with its protafolio of clients and started working from our home garage. Our monthly sales at that time were $20,000. per month.

In 1989, my father company began with my 8 siblings. The company’s name is JJ PETROLEUM CORP. The company currently has 14 fuel trucks, 6 gasoline stations, and about 60 empoyees. The company is averaging sales of over 2 millon gallons of fuel per month.

Effective September 3, 2011, I began the Ethanol Project to import and distribute the biofuel for Puerto Rico.

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