Caroline Murphy is working to Demand WAZA to $top $upporting the Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Caroline Murphy

This campaign matters to me because Dolphins,whales,porpoises and others of this genre are mammals like us they feel pain like us they grieve just like us they are our intellectual equals and in some cases our intellectual superiors these poor innocent and beautiful creatures do not deserve to be slaughtered or caught and put into zoos and other animal prisons sea centres and other places of this ilk,they should be left alone and allowed to live their lives free and when they finally do have to pass away it should be in freedom and natural causes not in a tank the size of a swimming pool and forced to 'entertain' humans.So please join me in my condemnation of WAZA and their support of the Taiji Dolphin Hunt who do not just capture the Dolphins for entertainment purposes but they hold massive and bloody slaughters of these majestic creatures,they murder so many of them that the sea is red with blood-Thank You

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