Nicholas N Chin is working to Protesting is NOT a federal crime!

Nicholas N Chin

I am a qualified lawyer and they do not want to me to speak the truth. Truth is eternally a means to obtain justice. It has been so right from the beginning when Cain killed Able. How do we know that Cain cannot be convicted of killing Able unless the Truth is told. If someone tries to twist around the Truth and it becomes a Falsehood, then there is no justice for the common people of this world. Then the Thief gets away with the loot without being punished for it. Then the Bad will triumph over the Good. Read more by Googling Nicholas N Chin at Nicholas N Chin Page at Just Grounds Community.
If banks are allowed to create money out of thin air and do not have to sweat it out to get the money to lend it to you, then elites will be allowed to steal without having to work for it

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