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Kyla Smith

The day that changed my life forever!! :'(

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My downward spiral started on June 6, 2001. My daughter was at preschool as usually when I got a call from the school saying Cheanelle had a fever and small little dots on her legs. So I called her pediatrician and went and picked the baby up and brought her to the doctor's right away. They took some blood and proceeded to check her out. a short while later the doctor Informed me that she was referring me over to a Leukemia specialist. As you can Imagine I was in total disbelief. So I proceeded over to the specialist with my thoughts scattered everywhere. At Albany Medical Center on the Oncology floor we received the worst news that Indeed Cheanelle had Leukemia and she had the more severe kind of it (AML). Cheanelle was admitted into the hospital the very same day so she could start her chemo right away.In the beginning everything seemed promising and I really had faith. As time went by and different chemos were tried nothing seemed to be working. So know the people who have been telling me to keep the faith, there now looking at me and telling me there's not much more they can do WHAT DO YOU MEAN??? I couldn't give up on my baby girl she meant everything to me. I can't even had Imagined living one day without her. It hurt to bad to even think about it. Unfortunately I don't have to Imagine the deep burning pain of It because I'm actually living It. After her short 6 month battle with leukemia Cheanelle took her last breath In my arms on 11/29/01. I can still remember that horrible sound she made while gasping for air and the feeling of not being able to not help my poor baby girl. Holding her poor life less body still haunts my mind even almost 12 years later. Thank you for letting me share My Cheanelle & Her fight ♥ We still don't know how Cheanelle got leukemia, make's you wonder even more :(

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