Patricia C Rohan is working to encourage Singapore Airlines to STOP shipping Shark Fins

Patricia C Rohan

How many people are aware for the peril that goes on in the ocean that is caused by human cruelty? Unfortunately not many people realize that there are people that will do anything to make money. They are people that want an easy way to make money. They have no conscience, no feeling for what happens to a sea creature after it's mutilated, as long as they get what they are after!

I've seen so many animals that have been mutilated and left to die a long arduous and very cruel death, that, if I can not at least try to fight back against those that care only about the god's they worship, MONEY And GREED, I will give my best effort to change the tide of inhumanity and cruelty to all of God's earthly creatures. I want those who chose to commit these barbaric actions that they can't get free from the consequences of their heinous act!

People are not just mutilating Sharks, this horrific torture is also being done to other sea features like Dolphins. We need to have laws that make these actions felonies, and fines to help in the re-habitation of these victims.

I am of the belief that anyone how is heartless enough to mutilate any animal, will think nothing of doing the same to any human, be it a child or adult! People without conscience are dangerous and without remorse!

Please help make these horrific crimes against innocent animals raise the human consciousness, people need to be made aware of what is happening, and they need to know what the legal consequences will be.

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