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Ellie Pole

My brother-in-law Frank Hewetson is being held in a Russian jail 2000 miles north of Moscow, charged with Piracy which carries a jail term of 10-15 years. He is sharing a cell with two chain-smoking Russian criminals, has no access to English-speaking support, no change of clothes, and one thin blanket. He is kept in the cell for 23 hours a day, and the one hour he is allowed out of the cell is spent inside, not in the fresh air. He has not been able to speak to his partner Nina or either of their two children since his arrest.

Frank and 27 other Greenpeace activists, along with two freelance journalists/cameramen, were protesting against the reckless exploitation of the fragile Arctic by Russian oil giant Gazprom. They were arrested using water cannon, assault weapons and knives, and shots were fired dangerously close to their inflatable dinghies as you can see from videos available online. Their ship was impounded in international waters and taken to the Russian port Murmansk. The Dutch government is seeking their release through the international courts. There is no prospect of their release any time soon.

Please help put pressure on the Russians to release Frank and the Arctic 30.

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