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MJ DePalma

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” I’m thinking The International Olympic Committee hasn’t considered the full weight of their decision about Japan. The IOC could help stop the brutal killing of defenseless dolphins by Japanese, but for some reason they awarded the 2020 Olympics to Japan and claim they cannot get involved in any political agendas although their charter spells out a different set of values and ideals.

The International Olympic Committee’s role according to part of their charter is to:

• To encourage and support the promotion of ethics in sport as well as education of youth through sport and to dedicate its efforts to ensuring that, in sport, the spirit of fair play prevails and violence is banned;

• To promote a positive legacy from the Olympic Games to the host cities and host countries;

• To encourage and support a responsible concern for environmental issues, to promote sustainable development in sport and to require that the Olympic Games are held accordingly;

•To oppose any political or commercial abuse of sport and athletes

Yes, all the above applies to “sport” but when I was a kid, growing up in the USA, I was told, “playing sports was good. It will teach you ethics, cooperation, and provide you with an ability to work well with others and the things you learn on the field will translate into your career and the real-world.” IOC, you are in a position to help the world be a better than it’s acting, you are in a position to help Japan see that killing families of pilot whales and dolphins needs to be an activity of the archaic past. To the people of the Olympic committee – are you going to support Japan’s demonstration of this set of ethics and turn a blind eye? You oppose any political abuse of sport and athletes – why not take that into the real world? After all isn’t that what our parents told us learning how to play a sport would do for us? Learn how to cooperate, team build, do the right thing in the name of sportsmanship? That is what I was told sports was about – it’s about becoming better people, about translating what we learn on the field into our careers, and into our world. What does it mean to you to be a member of the IOC? I bet you feel honored, entrusted, accomplished, and you feel you can affect the world in a “positive” way. So I implore you, how can you in good conscience award the 2020 Olympics to a country that DOES NOT embody fair play as they are hauling defenseless beautiful creatures in net catching to slaughter? How can Japan be the choice of insuring a positive legacy when Japan does not have a real concern of environmental issues as evidenced by these killings and does not promote sustainable development? The IOC claims in their charter to opposes any political or commercial abuse – here is your opportunity IOC to raise to the occasion. If you truly are only concerned with what happens in the stadium we all have lost our way on this earth. All of humanity has truly lost its grace and innocence. Pilot whales and dolphin slaughters by Japan are none of these ideals that you claim to embody and strive for in your charter. If sports is supposed to help our world be a better place and children learn by example, let’s see you be our champions on and off the field, after all isn’t this why we embark on our first season in little league, or gymnastics, or Track & Field? I know, with a world of horrible atrocities going on daily, The Olympics was the one thing I had hope in. The one group of people I thought I could count on to stand up for what is the right thing to do, to be a good sportsman on and off the field. International Olympic Committee members – each of you, - I hope you think this one through and Japan gets to have their Olympics without any controversy because you help re-write our future history by helping make this barbaric ecological murder against pilot whales and dolphins a thing of the past. Otherwise, honestly, why play sports to learn anything positive since your ideals only count on the track and field and not outside the stadium walls. You rewarded a country that is not Olympic at all.


Prior ODP participant, Region I, Women's US Soccer
MJ DePalma, Goalkeeper 88' & 89'

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