Teri Erikson is working to help 3000 children eat & learn from 10 new school gardens

Teri Erikson

I am a 4H Junior Master Gardener leader. I teach nutrition, environmental science and agriculture as a volunteer to middle school children in my region. There is no funding for my program, or for any school gardens. It's just not in the curriculum or budget.
I am passionate about real food because it healed me. I was in a very bad accident. I was taking so much medication, I suffered a clinical overdose. A naturopathic healer helped me to virtually eliminate medication and feel so much better, simply with food and herbs.
Although I still have permanent injuries, eating whole, unprocessed foods and exercise continues to have a positive impact on my health.
I know learning about food up close encourages children to try new fruits and vegetables. I believe this will also have a positive impact on the health of the children impacted. Less colds and flu epidemics means we are all happier and healthier. School gardens need support and funding.

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