Judith Baur is working to Teach kids to live healthy and enjoy real food

Judith Baur

One of the major reasons for eating healthy is to help promote a lifestyle that will bring happiness to oneself so that they can vigorously enjoy all the opportunities and options that is offered as a result of good health. Without a healthy body, one is more apt to suffer Depression, weight gains, and other illnesses that will become a result of not taking care of the prefectly designed machine we call our body. Nutrition done correctly, in a varied, creative manner can help to foster longevity that will allow the person to participate in many activities, rather than a limited, select few. By being healthy, and that includes eating correctly, one avails themselves to try a wide variety of activities that works hand in hand with healthy eating. Healthy eating doesn't, nor should it even imply deprivation. Eating, like many other things in life is about moderation and balance. A decadent treat once in awhile won't harm someone who is usually fairly conscious about what they put into their body to fuel it. The occasional treat as a reward or celebratory gesture for a job well done in maintaining an even metabolism can be used to even further supplant the healthy eating goals. Rewarding oneself is a great motivational tool, and reinforces the idea that eating healthy is not about an all or nothing proposition. It's about dedication and reality, and setting doable, attainable healthy choice goals for oneself and their families. Support also plays an important role in helping to stick to a balanced lifestyle. Choices for new ways to eat nutritional foods can be shared through friends and family, and those are great resources for not feeling alone and drifting while attempting to eat not just for fun; but for fuel also.

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