Carol Pernelli is working to Demand the USDA's Puppy Mill Inspectors do their jobs!

Carol Pernelli

The USDA is in charge of protecting commercial / puppy mill breeding dogs. Through yearly inspections of kennels and breeding dogs therein the USDA inspectors issue violations of the Animal Welfare Act to the breeders.
This system has failed to protect breeding dogs from abuse and in humane conditions Failure of this system has been documented by the Inspector General in scathing internal investigation reports as far back as 1992 and as recent as 2010
Animal advocates say enough is enough!

Is a campaign started by animal advocates to sound the alarm and force USDA to retrain inspectors,
Correctly categorize violations,( Direct and indirect.), Issue monetary penalties when warranted
Enforce the AWA to the fullest extent of the law.

Please contact your state U.S.Senator

Please contact your local Congressman

Contact MAN IN CHARGE Dr .Chester Gipson USDA/ APHIS / Animal Care
4700 River Road Unit 97 Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
[email protected]

Tom Vilsack United States Secretary of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave S.W. Washington, DC 20350
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