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Andrew Haydon Alcock is working to tell musicians: Don't entertain apartheid Israel!

Andrew Haydon Alcock

Every time top performers go to the apartheid state of Israel, the Zionist Government is able to tell its people that the world does not care about the actions that it takes against the human rights of the Palestinian people.

Every time a top performer says that s/he will not perform in this apartheid state until:

* the Korean-style wall being constructed is dismantled

* all invasions against Palestinian lands are stopped and all settlements on these lands are vacated by Israeli citizens

* the Israeli blockade against the West Bank is removed

* all Israeli military checkpoints that deny or hamper Palestinians from getting to work, medical appointments or family reunions etc are taken away

* all Israeli military offensive actions against Palestinian communities and surrounding countries cease

* the Israeli Government recognises the right of the State of Palestine to exist and moves its people and forces back to the 1948 borders

I am old enough to remember the apartheid state of South Africa and the many sports people, entertainers and governments that put bans on it because of its actions against black South Africans. These actions greatly assisted democracy to come to South Africa. It can come to the ME if the people who claim to be democratic, fair, respectful of human rights and the land rights of the Palestinians take similar action and deny Israel all military and nuclear support.

The old apartheid apparatchiks in South Africa supported Nazi Germany during WW2. This did not stop the Zionist leaders of Israel from getting help from them to develop their nuclear potential.

Of course, it should not just be left to ordinary people like members of sport teams and entertainers to take the responsibility for such bans, but their stand against the crimes committed by the Israel apartheid state would help greatly.

It is the governments of the western world that turn a blind eye to the criminal actions of the Israeli regime in the ME that should take an ethical stand against these actions.

There will never be peace in the ME until all these governments stop all military and trade cooperation with Israel that the Palestinians will get their state recognised and their human rights acknowledged.

These politicians should be aware that there are many “righteous Jews” who support the actions I have described – just as there were ”righteous gentiles” during WW2 who risked their lives to save the lives of Jewish people and fight for their human rights against the Nazis.

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