Shamira Haider is working to use your consumer power and fight the root causes of slavery

Shamira Haider

There is options to change from GMO and unethical food supply chains to move into Ethical food supply chains. Ethical food are not cheap, but then again we throw away 40% of our regular supermarket foods in bin. That 40% can be invested for the farmer who are producing good and honest food for us often in very harsh environments.
Fair Trade and organic food improve quality of our lives, empower farmers, remove poverty. It creates thriving societies. A lot of farmers have lost their farm lands, lost their livelihood because of corrupt GMO seed suppliers, because of our habit of buying cheap food, again most of which often end up in bins. The costs are high because organic farmers' businesses are shrinking without consumer supports. Once we all move toward FairTrade and Organic I am sure prices will come down so everyone can afford good quality food.
I have started this campaign because, locally produced, organic food will help us to avoid deadly disease like cancer, heart problems, Diabetes, ADHD, Autism etc. I have lost too many of my loved ones to cancer, I refuse to lose any more of them to such disease when options are there in hand.
We spend lot of money on buying new gadgets, iPhones, computers, cars, spend heavily on alcohols, expensive holidays, but when it comes to food we look for cheaper ones. This mentality has to go! We can't just sit back and be wasteful in expense of our loved ones and farmers who are lovingly growing food in rain and shine. The revolution has started. Join us and together we can bring change and put an end to poverty once and for all. We must reclaim honest organic seeds to pass it to our next generation so our synergic coexistence with nature is restored.
With this very little step like I have taken today you can make a big impact. Use your power to change the corrupt food supply chain once and for all.
Thank you.

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