Gallijess Galluccio is working to Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts

Gallijess Galluccio

It matters cause I was a victim of corrupt judge perverting justice that did not care for the truth . even with the transcript recorded evidence the magistrate judge stated irrelevant of the truth I made my decision and that was it.

the truth did not matter - so I was punished not on just terms but of a hyprocricy view made by the judge - had I had the jury I would of received justice..

My story began when my dad died of cancer and my sister used false police witness to obtain an IVO - and when the same magistrate that issued the IVO realized that my sister lied he covered up the corruption and punished me for exposing the truth.
I have produced my video link Gallijess V/s chief ken lay on you tube to view my story fighting for justice without a jury their is favoritisms, with jury there will be only justice administered.
Amen and the Jury of 12 was founded in bible of the 12 apposels.

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