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Bill Brown

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I hope you will read this fully and participate with your support.

First I don't care to change the things I believe in, the 2nd I want to keep my head on my shoulders. Many people believe the lie that there are MODERATE muzlins ( the word does not warrant correct spelling)

I object to the raping of 9 year old girls and of having sex with goats - see koe-ran if ya don't believe me.

Nor do I believe that a man has the RIGHT to beat his wife

Be aware that it is honorable for a muzlin to lie to any enemy.
An enemy being ANYONE who is NOT muzlin.

islam is simply a code name for satan.

Have considered that there is a good chance that moe-ham-add
was a demon in disguise for satan to have the koe-ran written.

Like the Apostles writing the Bible as guided by God.

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