Noel Robertson is working to honor veterans by helping their children get the proper care

Noel Robertson

I am a widow of a Vietnam Veteran, who husband service in this war and I experiences what the Agent Orange toxic chemical can have a great affect on military and their family. I am a caregiver of a children that was develops mental impairment from birth until her adult ages and her children,too
It has been a long struggle to understand "Why my child had to suffer with these illness and the medicine field was never knowlegeable about the children of the veteran.. It taken me my life time and private doctors to get the answers.. My children when through elementary, junior high and high school not being properly disnognis of the mental impairment. They just ignore it and pass the children through the systlem.and mean time I struggle to seek answers to my husband death and corrections of his military records and widow death benefit. I would like to help and seek professional doctor in helping the children of the veteran era of each war. I wan to help the children get the proper care and family to be educated on how to help their children in seeking the proper care from knowlege doctor, who care for the children well being. If I can do donation that can be send to the organization and private h ospital and doctor to help I want to do this in the honor of my husband, who service this country. I had all ready ask Walmart to give,but I need a contact person with the birth defect and some private doctor for help..

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