Karen Hollish is working to Rally pet parents to enter the Dirty Dogs Contest!

Karen Hollish

I'm stoked to be working on the Dirty Dogs Contest for work, because it is an EASY and FUN way to help homeless pets! All you need to do is upload a picture of your dog at his or her dirtiest to http://www.dirtydogscontest.com, and -- if you win -- you have to pick one of your favorite animal shelters or rescues to get a $5K cash grant in your name. So be creative, have fun and give it a shot! Even if you don't win, you'll be helping homeless pets by sharing your pet's story with the Petfinder Foundation team. I'll be able to use your pet's picture on our Facebook page to promote adoption! P.S.: You can feature a foster dog's photo, too -- as long as he's dirty!

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