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Samantha Doran is working to Shut down Ivy Leaf Kennels in County Durham

Samantha Doran

Ivy Leaf kennels (AKA Puppy farm) Kobis story:
After wanting my own puppy for a very long time the decision was finally made that my father would buy me a puppy for my 16th birthday. Looking through the Ad Trader we spotted a big advert for Ivy Leaf kennels. Choosing a lovely chunky white toy poodle we rang Kevin Knox (Current owner of Ivy Leaf). He said he would drop the puppy off for an extra fee of £50 as my dad being disabled and unwell we could not make it there.

An hour later Kevin knox arrived in a white van. Opening the back doors he pulled a puppy out from a cold dark and extremely cold area of a cage and threw the puppy in to my arms. He came in for ten minutes, asked for the cash and said he had a football match to go see.

Kobi was advertised as a toy poodle 10 weeks old and had been told he had his first vet checks and vaccinations. We couldn't have been more wrong.

Looking healthy and full of beans and a little bit scraggy and on the thin side I decided to have an early night. Went to the bed with the puppy in tow. Later that night I awoke to the puppy covered in diorrhea and blood. He was vomiting and lifeless. Pumping fluids all through the night we rushed him to the vets by the morning and they admitted him straight away and we were told his chances were slim.

Visiting him in hospital that night we were told the puppy farm is well known to the vets. Kobi was riddled with fleas and worms, had skin conditions and gastrentritus. We were also told he was only 5 weeks old!! Way to young to leave his mum and he was not a toy poodle he was a Heinz 57 with fake papers. He had a very high level of distemper in his blood. A big vets bill later and a long stay in hospital he finally returned home and only 4 weeks later was rushed back to the vets with phnemonia.

He was extremely sick and by now this had taken such a huge toll financially and emotionally with long nights staying awake to keep him elevated on my chest for his phnemonia.

Finally just as kobi seemed to recover back to 100% health and return to the puppy id hoped for his back legs gave way one day beneath him and he seemed in a lot of pain. Yet AGAIN another vets trip where we were told he needed surgery as soon as possible for Patella knee (due to inbreeding of puppies). He was taken in and given the major leg operation and only a week later rushed back in with more complications. By now petplan cancelled our insurance as he had exceeded the maximum vet bills allowed!!

Kobi is now a year and a half old and still struggling. He will never be a normal puppy due to his legs. Too much exercise can trigger another attack and we are saving daily to give him the leg operation he needs on the other knee. He has scarring on his lungs due to his phnemonia so too much running around triggers a nasty coughing/breathing fit. He is the most loveable and characteristic dog you will meet.

We updated kevin Knox of the health problems as soon as we discovered them and were told it was our problem now the puppy had left his care.

There was many stories similar to this with devastating results and we've been through hell and back to try and get justice for kobi and all of the other puppies sold from Ivy Leaf. Signing the petition will be a huge help.

Thanks in advance.

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