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Lizette Kraft

Please support the campaign to stop Genetically Modified (GM) Foods being introduced and grown and used in Kenya!

Please read an except with regard to Ireland in the UK fighting to keep them GMO free!!        

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Ireland Committed to Remaining GMO-Free

By Ken Roseboro, ed. 
The Organic and Non-GMO Report, November 2008 
Straight to the Source 

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Following similar actions by the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly, agriculture ministers from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have confirmed their plans for the entire island to be declared a GM-free zone.

The ministers announced their plan at the Terra Madre Ireland 2008 conference on food and farming policy in September.

The Irish Minister of State for Food and Horticulture, Trevor Sargent, emphasized the pitfalls of GMOs in agriculture, and also pointed out the opportunity available to Ireland in the controversy- " the option for us in Ireland is very clear: Ireland- the food island. We can sell that! The green clean food island-they really want that in Germany . Anywhere you go where our main markets are, they want that green clean food island. How about if Bord Bia [the Irish food Board] tries to sell Ireland- the GM laboratory? I wonder how that would go down."

The Northern Ireland Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Michelle Geldernew, said, "We must protect the diversity of both plants and animals, and avoid damaging natural resources and contributing to climate change Once we go down the GM route there is no going back: we need to keep Ireland GM-free.

GM farming ruins and destroys the soil and land and in a few years the land will be completely useless. We must petition to campaign against the use of this devastating cancer causing foods which have Carcinogenic properties in them. The pesticides used are laced with radiation and is therefore very great risk to our health and lives. Our children will be greatly affected and will pay the price in the long term.

If most of the countries in Europe and many states now in the US are fighting to have GMO free foods for the safety of there people and future generations, then what are we Kenyans doing by choosing the route of disaster?? GMO's will only supply foods for the short term, until the land is completely destroyed and then the real food crisis will occur and we will have no other way to help ourselves.

I, my family and the people of Kenya, will be affected by this as it will increase the risk of Cancer and increase the Cancer epidemic that is going on in the country right now!! Do we sit back and watch each other die??? And our land become unarable??

Let us speak with one voice lest our politicians send us to the grave purely for there greed!!! I urge you to support this campaign!! It will affect all of us and we can be the voice for those who cannot and don't have the opportunity to be heard!!

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