Asadul Alam is working to Demand Justice for Kyam Livingston

Asadul Alam

I personally became victim of discrimination of authorities including police and immigration.

It seems majority just ignore minorities problem including the pain going through.

Justice is not the same in every case for white and black or spanish or immigrant.

We should stand together against all kind of discrimination of authorities and personal hate crimes.

Though I am not US citizen but Canadian and Bangladeshi Citizen,I feel her pain like every moments I went through.

I was framed as terrorist by white girl where I was just minority immigrant and university graduate computer professional who are looking for career. It took five years of my life and forced to came back to Bangladesh.

My advice are without delay ask for all kind of humanitarian society assistance,hire human right lawyer,file civil law suit.

All the best.

Asadul Alam

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