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Roy Wybenga

Australian Family break down laws.
May 29, 2014 at 1:37am
1: So you relationship didn't work out?
2: A dispute may give rise?
3: The woman can apply for a Violence Restraining Order on short notice on any grounds she deems abusive; such as the Father being called names constantly and stressing, hey! Shut up! This is grounds for the implementation for a Violence restraining order! The said VRO can be applied for without consultation or notice to the person whose liberty is automatically eroded and voided by the claimed victim,
this claimed victim might merely be a victim of receiving 1% in return from 99% of antagonizing behavior suppressing/ oppressing the accused now subject of a VRO. Being bound by a VRO means that if you sneeze when the victim throws white pepper at you the accused might be charged with a breach of the VRO.
4: When children are involved; the application of a VRO is the first step to enforce Parental Alienation upon the Children, In Western Australian Law its common practice to place a Father under a VRO to Alienate him from his children, and also used as a tool to antagonize the Father by eroding his liberty; such as block him all rights to be a Father to his children on uncontested evidence, that they are now seeking to overhaul to the point that if the applicant is found to be merely on a smear campaign and was telling lies; this will over ride the victim of the VRO's right to seek restitution. In other words; evidence to erode the Fathers rights and dissolve his freedom and liberty in all manner of law based on unsubstantiated allegations will over ride liberty and freedom. Enhancing further Parental Alienation, trauma to the children and their father. If the Father objects publicly becomes upset or has a nervous break down because of this enforcement; the Father can be arrested and thrown into goal, even the victim or applicant might call the police and say I think I heard him sneeze, of to goal the respondent will go!
5 The Father now under the applied VRO may wish to contact his Children? Ughm sorry; too bad so sad! First you need lets say $3000,00 just to apply for a sitting with a lawyer that might act? Then the question is; what are the results leading to?
You want answers, that just put the price up again, while meanwhile CSA is calling your boss to rob your pay..
6 All these things can occur in Western Australia to men without receiving a summons to defend their rights to be a Dad, orders made behind their back, and the only way forward is a application to the FCoWA for re instating access to your children, but they will most likely only grant that if you first accept reconciliation counseling with the party forcing Parental Alienation upon your children, and PA is almost globally accepted as child abuse; but if you mention this to the party that applied for the VRO behind your back uncontested you might be arrested by Police for breaching,VRO. The system is a complete shambles, its hurting children by breaking their hearts and their voices are not required to be heard, preferably the children are seen but never heard. That's Australian Justice 2014.
7 I have the documents, digital media and witnesses.

Attention: Premier of Western Australia

Your ref:24-143708 Letter to Mr Thompson. Our ref:FOFFAUS 2014

I herewith express for the States Records our reply.

I appreciate your acknowledgement of our gravest concerns regarding seeking support in a legislative assembly for Men's interest. Herewith I further wish to point out that historically, in particular I wishto draw your attention to your nominated statement: "that women and children have been disadvantaged in a number of social and community roles and, as such, it is essential to take positive steps to overcome this."
May I request to draw your attention to a wonderful poem that was written in support of the difficulties men in particular face, please follow the provided
This poem reflects the truthfulness of what men endure, while receiving very poor bureaucratic support during times of difficulties, such as the loss of living loved ones to the bureaucratic process that more frequently than not
base its decisions upon printed matter uncontested through either cross examination or the party most affected, in particular Family breakdown.
Frequently to our understanding it has been a large volume of men that are left to carry a bureaucratic burden after the loss of their still living offspring, the very seed of their loins and the very future they had lovingly, trustingly bestowed within a wrongly assumed friend / partner for life. To be left without property or estate that may have been established through years, decades if not generations of "Hard yacka!" In order to simply even retrieve contact with the children from a frequently malicious previous partner, that at this stage has the world flocking to her and the child / children's aid, the Man, The Father is forced to obtain huge
amounts of finance simply in order to regain contact with his rightful offspring, while carrying frequent prejudices within the community. The tragedy of the dissolving relationship more frequently than not has a detrimental impact upon the men, The Fathers, and their CHILD/REN also. The affects of Family breakdown upon the children is discounted through all the documentation lost into the bureaucratic system that now has replaced the Fathers role as pointed out strongly by this poem, a Fathers role can often prevent a great amount of heartache, and pass lessons from past generations onto future generations.The intervention of a legal process blocking this sharing of lessons learnt in previous generations effectively is denying the
children 50% of their true identity. And thus our request is not unfair.
This affect in particular is currently visible in the Western Australian rural areas in most particular the high rates of suicide that we have a duty of care to prevent, seek the cause. Without understanding, acknowledging the cause, we will not change a thing.
We the undersigned herewith merely and humbly seek that we receive equal deliverance of our concerns on a State and Federal level and thus acknowledgement should not be a privilege suitable to a dictated political portfolio, but rather placed within a referendum


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