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Tomonaga Mizumachi

In my case,
At the river events in elementary school,
I had eaten baked fished.
Taste was big different from the usual supermarket and was so soon after killing.
There was a big difference in taste from fish killed now than fish supermarket.
Began to feel the question that eating kill someone's life from that time.
I felt many pains at the zoo from the same period.
I asked myself that can I kill my cat and eat him? long time.
Of course,I thought a scene of ultimate.
But I knew that
I choose to my survive by kill & eat him
is impossible.
I thought to try to stop eating the meat from that time.

We must be spokesman of the every weak position.
It is not limited to whether the vegan , vegetarian or all human also.

I action in
pet culling issue.
dolphin ,orcas & whales hunting issue.
and action for feel other dignity.

I am developing systems for those issue and make opportunity of find thier dignity.

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