Willie Bong is working to Stop "Re-homing"!

Willie Bong

Is it important to communicate between parents & teenagers where they are with ? Who are their friends what are the activities they involve in ? Communication comes first respect each other opinion between teenagers & parents friends ..... don't involve in anything that is against the law .... let the elders senior people talk to parents about parenting our next generation ..... the next generation depends on us to teach them the right way ....... please stop "Re-homing" ! Who will lead the next generation to the right path of their lives ... live is precious everybody has only one life so treasure them ..... do not leave your children alone at home or .... society or community ... all these may lead to misunderstanding ..... influence ..... so spend your time with your children ..... U will make the difference ... don't only need of money business .... communicate with your children .... internet only for learning only .... not illegal activities in internet .... start it now before is too late teach them how to say NO to things that should not be done in young age like sex ...... peace hope U all support this campaign

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