JeanAnn Hurst is working to Stop minimizing murder!

JeanAnn Hurst

The need to make the public aware that there is violence being committed against women and their children within the state of California initiated and orchestrated by public employee union leaders, and carried out through government agencies and corporate America with the hub of this large-scale chain-conspiracy in Sacramento, California. With a myriad of fraudulent schemes, financial crimes and "hate crimes," in a practice known as "starving off the victim" of personal property; money, car, home, food, medical care, etc. prior to taking the victim's life, accomplished by years of stalking the torture of aggravated assault and battery, with a deadly weapon, and special circumstances, upon their victims; severely disabled and injured women and children by the hiring of aerial applicators to carry out toxic environmental crimes, jeopardizing the health and safety of citizens everywhere in a large-radius to accomplish the end-result of taking out of their target. I know this from more than twenty years of personal experience. My toxic disease is in advanced stages so I must speak out to try and save innocent people from being deprived of their life.

I have been stalked, tormented and victimized; mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. My rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness ended the day my nightmare began more than 25 years ago, at my California state government public employee workplace, Avenal State Prison, where I was assigned as a newly-graduated correctional peace officer. The unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment began immediately. The mistreatment was so outrageous that I found myself forced to act upon the breaches of institutional security in order to carry out my assigned duties of protecting my immediate work area, while ensuring the safety and security of the institution, the safety and security of my fellow officers and the three hundred male inmates housed in the housing unit that I assigned to supervise. Equally important was protecting my career investment and opportunity of future employment by satisfactorily meeting the requirements of a probationary employee. Little did I know that my standing up for rights to be treated fairly and equally to my male fellow-correctional officer counterparts, and to be free from threats of unnecessary (intentionally inflicted) bodily injury and humiliation would earn me the label as a "trouble-maker." Adding insult to injury, my refusing to conform to the standard workplace expectations placed upon female officers to "put out or get out!" would securely and forever affix my name to the infamous "black-balled hit-list," that to this day, includes an army of enemy combatants consisting of government agencies and all of corporate America. The fact that I am still alive 27-years later has not made these blood-thirsty war mongers very happy! The fact that the same torturous acts have been carried out against my son and only child, targeted even before he was born, is the unconscionable reality I am reminded of daily. The weight of the world upon my shoulders and the heavy tugging at my heart serve as constant reminders; what my state has become, and the cost my son has paid for my decisions. With the armor of God, and a circumstance, seemingly, to that of David and Goliath, I march on fighting to stay alive against the never-ending ration of "hate-crimes!" My prayer is to end the war and violence against women, who practice their "God-given" rights, and their children!

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