Marcelle Renee Mullen is working to stop cruel cosmetics tests on Animals in the U.S.

Marcelle Renee Mullen

I am truly an animal lover and my backyard proves it.Feeding the birds,squirrels,rabbits,chipmonks etc.Plus I love feeding the geese as we walk our dogs.They all give me so much pleasure that I've even named several.I also bring injured ones home,taking care of those who are not critically in distress and calling the humane society or other sanctuaries who accept themI cn't see how anyone could be cruel to any animal,though finding cures for diseases is something I understand but don't always agree of some of the reasons.Especially the ones that are known as (Let's see what happens) for no purpose.I say use the people who enjoy and feel no compassion ,which include owners of puppy mills and dog,cock or any animal fighter and maybe a few inmates who love sadistic torturing and let the government practice on them.Why pay for a mother who microwaved her newborn,or some sadist who got off cutting off body parts of innocent people.aFor every problem there is an answer.

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