Jamie Cholak is working to support the safety and dignity of LGBTQI people worldwide.

Jamie Cholak

I would love if all my family and friends would take two minutes of their time and read this...

We need to take a stand and let the IOC that they are out if touch with the true Olympic spirit by allowing Russia to continue it's "anti gay" laws. This violates everything the Oplympic Games stand for.

Safety of any of the LGBT athletes is in jeopardy while at the games. The IOC is allowing the games to proceed with no consequences to Russia and their "hate" laws.

I ask that you all take a few minutes to read the article from HRC and join the fight by signing the petition. We as "human kind" need to send a clear message that this type action will no longer be tolerated. We are all human...we are all equal.

This is something very dear to my heart and I hope it will be for you as well.

Hate like this can no longer be allowed in our world.

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