Floro R. Francisco is working to Stop the Killings of Indigenous Peoples!

Floro R. Francisco

As a member of the Ybanag, an indigenous people in Northeastern Luzon, I am in solidarity with all indigenous peoples everywhere in the world not only in the Philippines. With these recent killings, the memory of Macling Dulag comes to mind during the struggle against the infamous Chico Dam Project. The opposition to mining activities is not anti development but more for the protection of the environment and the indigenous people's ancestral domains which businessmen, capitalists and politicians tend to ignore and disrespect. All indigenous peoples and all Filipinos who still remember their roots and ties with their indigenous ancestors must unite to stop these killings and impunity. Those CAFGUS and some low ranking soldiers are just mis-educated pawns who need understanding and proper education. We need to go to the bottom and filter out the masterminds of those killings. We indigenous peoples should find ways to consolidate and unite.

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