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Ronald Williams EL

Prisoner Nadunt Chibeast-Bey number 67-801308 was wrongfully convicted he was charged with one of the crimes that I had been charged in" Chicago years ago which was thrown out years ago"

The police officers set people up just to move up the ranks of their fields off of innocent people misery" I was a victim just as my twin brother Nadunt Chibeast-Bey is right now" Here is my true story of facts" Another modern day slavemaster moves also tactical's games being played which is to experiment also to degrade and further commit crimes against the prisoners and many of them are innocent prisoners the hateful overseer's.

Such as "Sheriff Joseph Arpaio" and his hate groups of Arizona,, which by chain of command uses the harden criminals to carry out their hateful crimes in many of the prisons as well as i the streets also across the" United States. Prisons many of them who perform these wicked acts are granted favors whether it drugs or some type of freedom within walls of the cell blocks or grounds outside of the walls which is the streets the experiments starts

With the foods the water the blankets the sheets the visits to the clinics anything and everything that is useable" The sexaul plays many times are taped to get money from love ones of the inmates" This game and more are played out by the overseers of the prisoners and it needs to be investigated" I was also in Arizona's prison, in which another game was played on me. I was falsely charged with a crime that.

I didn't commit this crime was giving to me like candy giving to a baby but by a corrupt police officer badge 16514 a "Taylor Watkins of Tempe AZ the game played on me was called a" Hot Shot in my case three inmates at differents time in different cells were giving a needle this act was tried 3 times in different cells around the horseshoe of downtown AZ.

If the inmates were successful which they weren't, the victim meaning the inmate would become comatose or have a heart-attack or a victim of a stroke. If the victim the inmate didn't die" Mary Neal the victim the inmate would not now his or hers own name that way the institution could take power of attorney

Over the victim the inmate and the institution could become financially wealthy" Mary Neal' I have a twin brother his name is Nadunt Chibeast-EL ID number 67-801308 who was also homeless they set him up in" Tempe Arizona in "Sheriff Joesph Arpaio" jail the same place where the inmates tried to end my life. And I was falsely held" Year later my twin brother was framed sent to the jail then was

Airvaced to Mexico Texas from Arizona. I have heard nothing from him since 3/19/14. Mary Neal. I fled Arizona because I couldn't get any attorneys to go up against the Klan the National Lightest" out of 200 lawyers none of them there or here in Illinois would help me.

One of the lawyers told me in Uptown that'
That this is no longer" Cook County this is' Crook County. The Klan is very powerful so

Powerful they contracted another police officer a' Mark Schmitt badge number 19103 of 023 district at the time which has moved station right down the street' Mark Schmitt did the same thing here to me in' Chicago that was done to me in" Arizona by Taylor Watkins badge # 16514" I will list the lawyer later who refused. Everything is written in my book'' Just- us or Justice is racism dead hell NO! also." Mary Neal thank you for speaking out.

Mary Neal Insurance policies are taken out on these prisoners secretly policies by people who have inside and outside pull there is more but not enough time right now" I will finish later if the system that has been known to send their flunkies to stop some who have acted as I have also the list is in my book feel free to repost and I am' Ronald Williams-EL

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