Laura Meredith is working to Shut down Ivy Leaf Kennels in County Durham

Laura Meredith

We bought our puppy Willow from Ivy Leaf 2 years ago and she was really ill. After contacting Knox he basically takes the view that it isn't his problem. He buys puppies in from puppy farms where they are taken away from their mum far too early. Not only does he sell these puppies on too soon, they are bought with underlying health problems.

Anyone who knows Willow will see how nervous she is with loud noises, new people and can't handle it if you even leave the room without her - all because of the poor start in life she had at Ivy Leaf.

So many people have contacted me who have similar stories, and some of these have even had their puppy die within days of bringing them home.

This place needs to be shut down!

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