Chris Shrader is working to Get harsher sentences for pedophiles

Chris Shrader

Who Am I?
I am one of the survivors of the sexual abuse. I have been silent in my shame and I have no recourse under the existing law. I have been working hard with a Life Balance coach to heal from this past pain, and have been sharing my story and my healing on the air since July. You can help us all by voting YES on this bill. Part of our healing process is to make sure there is healing light shed on this darkness called Sexual Abuse by Priests and other trusted adults who know better. Tens of thousands of listeners have been supporting me and my healing. I hope you will too. Here is a link to my last session on the air
You can be a hero in your part in ridding this darkness in your district, state and country.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
On behalf of Universal Broadcasting Network and Dr. Marissa, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! it is obvious that media can actually make a positive difference (sometimes ;p) Shea shea to SNAP's Doris and Esther for coming on the show, and Chris for courageously sharing his healing journey from past pain on the air...and getting thousands of listeners to listen up and be the change they want to see. I know that this email family has been of tremendous support to Chris and just wanted to be in this air for a minute :) And if anyone would like to listen and work along with Chris, his past 5 Life Balance Coaching sessions on the air are on ITunes and on YouTube for the visual NLP learners.

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