Buddhadev Baruah is working to stop paying the cost of carbon pollution

Buddhadev Baruah

We need a clean Earth free of Carbon pollution. China,India,Russia and the US are the major polluters. Have the goverments of these countries ever thought what kind of an Earth their children will live in? Is making more money the ultimate solution. These people call them selves educated but they really need to learn from the Amozonian Indians, the Pygmies of the Central African Republic,( CONGO) the Eskimoes the Bushmen of Namibia and the from the Jarawas,the Car Nicobarese and the Onges of the Andaman Islands.( INDIA) Have these ancient people altough un educated by our standards ever destroyed their forests or their Environment ? Wake up INDIA before your children have to live in Glass Houses. The rise in Carbon Pollution has created,''THE GREEN HOUSE EfFECT.'' World wide rise in Temperatures are melting the Solar Ice caps and killing the exotic reefs.

Do not exhaust Mother Earths precious minerals,like Coal,Petroleum. They cause a high amount of pollution.USE SOLAR ENERGY.

We need to start now to control this epedemic known as ''CARBON POLLUTION''

;;JAI HIND''....................Buddhadev Baruah.

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