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Robert Lee Garnett is working to If ObamaCare is good for average Americans, it is good for ALL Politicians and their workers

Robert Lee Garnett

Traitor Obama is a puppet of a Terrorist Conspiracy to destroy America by dividing and conquering. America needs to Impeach all of them, and their House of Terror will fall. We the People need to stand United and Impeach Obama NOW, stop fighting over the issues that will go away when he and his gang of Traitors are in Leavenworth Federal Prison.
The Constitution of The United States of America, guarantees EQUAL RIGHTS NOT SPECIAL PRIVILEGES, is the supreme law of the land, NOT Sharia Law.. To many of our elected officials, and those that they have appointed, illegally pass laws that are Unconstitutional, and are approved by The Supreme Court. As American Patriots, we need to Recall Congress, Impeach The Supreme Court, and charge Obama, Clinton, and those that pull their strings, with Treason. We also need to Abolish the I. R. S. and the Federal Reserve Bank, and repeal the Patriot Act. We also need Term Limits and Line Item Vetoes, and to require all Congress members, and government employees to be on Social Security, with the same retirements that Tax Payers have.
Obamacare is not a failure, it was never about insurance. It is a Terrorist Plot designed to divide and destroy America, and it gives the government free Access to your personal and private banking and medical records, bypassing having to get a Warrant that is required by The Constitution.
Oath Keeper to GOD, Country, and Family, for Eternity.

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